Virtual Finance - the service is virtual, the benefits are real

All the services you would expect from an in-house accounts team without the overheads or administrative burden.

Stay on top of your finances with Cloud Accounting

Expert advice at your fingertips

William Duncan’s Virtual Finance offering provides real-time accounts information which can be relied upon by Owners, Directors and Investors to make strategic business decisions.

At a fraction of the cost of a full-time, in-house Finance Director, our Virtual Finance Officer will work with your business to see what is happening now and in the future, advising on areas such as pricing, profitability, capital efficiency, cost reduction, financial systems and processes, and also identifying and reporting on Key Performance Indicators.

Our Virtual Finance Officer service works hand in hand with our cloud based software package, Xero, which speeds up accounting and helps our clients get a true picture of how their business is performing at any period of time, no matter where they are.